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Stickytable began during our school days, where we juggled learning with pursuing our dream games and projects. Our passion lies in crafting unforgettable gaming experiences, ones that players will remember for a lifetime. While both Ben and Yvette have ventured into different fields in the past, we've ultimately found our calling in game design and development.


StickyTable is a studio of two indie game developers, each complementary. Both are driven by developing games and finding new ways to iterate on the game's design. We were just Howest DAE students when we kicked off our own game studio. Started it while still in school. Our Mission and vision is crafting a captivating game experience by focusing on a single, finely honed mechanic that not only defines the gameplay but also engages the player.

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Experience life as a god in an enchanting world of paper. Armed with a special pen, you travel through the history of this unique realm. Every line you draw changes fate, with your choices gaining weight throughout time. Streep is currently in the prototype phase and will be published on PC & mobile.



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Game Core Rules

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The line you draw is a red line. Within a few seconds, the line dries up and you see it turn black. The player must never go through their own dried line; if they do, they have to try again. Only when the player has written out all the evil characters can they move to the next level.

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The evil characters roam around in the world of the book. These characters need to be written out of the book by the player, otherwise they will destroy the entire world. This can be done by writing over them with a pen. However, while the player is playing the game, there is a possibility that they will destroy more than just the characters.

The core question is: Does the player want to write everything away without erasing the other characters from the book, or does the player want to destroy everything in their path?

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Embark on an enchanting journey in PortalSeekers, a captivating roguelike deckbuilder where monsters learn and adapt based on your every strategic choice, making each battle unique!

About the game

An ancient mysterious civilization caused a magical "rift" by excessive use of magic in the world. This resulted in the tearing open of a huge portal, which in turn triggered a chain reaction of smaller ruptures across all continents. These rifts are not just scars damaging our earth. They provide access to dangerous dimensions with riches begging to be discovered. An unknown world where adventures lead to treasures in the form of mana, minerals, and other sources of wealth.

Now, hundreds of years after the rupture, cities have been built around the portals, giving rise to unique diverse communities and economies. The most famous of these cities is the port city of Port Aelyn, also known as Port-Al, located near the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Adventurers from all over the world flock to these cities for a chance at wealth and eternal fame. They are known as PortalSeekers, and it's up to the player to guide the quest of some PortalSeekers and unravel the secrets of the portals.


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